Here at Seattle Strings, we promise we will provide you with a top performing pocket that will meet all of your needs.

The process is simple:

Pricing:                                                                                                           Mesh: $10 plus $8 for priority shipping                                                           Goalie: $20 plus $14 for priority shipping

Our professional stringing service will require you to provide mesh and all other materials needed. In the box with the head, please include the following

  • Pocket Specification: Whip, hold, placement, shooter setup, and colorway. Please be very specific with this, it is the most important part. Note: If we don't receive this, then we will put in the most ideal pocket for the head.
  • Contact information: If we ever have any complications or questions, then we have to know the best way to contact you, we find email being the easiest.
  • Return Address: If we don't receive the return address in the box, then it could result in a delay in the return process.

The return process will vary between 3-5 days after receiving the package, this is due to school being our number one priority and possible complications with USPS. If you do choose to send your head to us then please send it to the address below. We are only accepting Paypal, please send the money to

Shipping Information:                                                                                     Seattle Strings                                                                                                   16328 234th St SE                                                                                       Monroe, WA 98272