Seattle Strings was started by two best friends, Sam McDowell and Matt Moss, from Seattle, Washington, to help give all players of all skill levels a high performing pocket so they can play at their highest level. Both Sam and Matt have been playing lacrosse since early elementary school and have developed a special passion for the sport through stringing. Through this passion, we have not stopped loving the sport and have been improving both our stringing and play everyday. We hope to be a top lacrosse stringing company where people from all over send in and purchase heads from us.

Seattle Strings is still a growing company in the lacrosse community. In our 10 years of combined stringing experience, we always receive great feedback from both our new and returning customers. We realize everyone has their own specific needs in their heads and we promise we won’t fail to accommodate them. Seattle Strings plans to provide our quality stringing service and sales for a very long time and hope our customers continue to return to us to string their pockets.

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